Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) use natural heat which is present in the ground and depth by pumping water through it to allow the water to warm. This water can then be used for heating and hot water uses in the home.

GSHP projects are generally more expensive than ASHP due to the necessary ground works, excavation, pipe runs and cost of equipment and plant. On the upside, a larger Boiler Upgrade Scheme payment would likely be applicable for a project of this scale, to help cover the initial outlay and make the return on investment more palatable.

A ground source heat pump installation will need a large patch of suitable ground/land to allow for ground loops or bore holes. The main unit will need to be housed indoors in a large utility room or plant room. GSHP are mainly used for heating larger, detached or period properties with large heat requirements.

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