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In nearly a decade of working in the energy assessment industry with air source heat pump technology, Green Genie Energy has gathered lots of experience in assessing the suitability of homes for new, low carbon heating and hot water technology. Assessing properties for feasibility of these new systems is a complicated and technical piece of work; taking into account the specific building methodology across the entire property.

Additionally, we are well versed with all the other aspects of a customer’s journey from traditional to newer technologies too. We understand that there can be sensitivities involved in projects where some disruption to the house is required for the project and we take pride in being honest and realistic about managing expectations in this regard.

Having a survey conducted by independent specialists with many years of experience is an extremely good idea.

Once the heat loss calculations have been completed, they inform what the heat load for the property is, allowing us to determine what size heat pump the property needs to happily supply the space heat and hot water demand. We will also supply the room-by-room radiator sizes required to meet room heating requirements as well as an appropriately sized, hot water cylinder. From all this information, accurate quotations are possible which you as the end customer can seek meaningful competitive quotations, mitigating your risk to spiraling costs or questionable quotes.

Contact Green Genie Energy with any questions you have. Green Genie Energy is pleased to deal with both companies or home owners.


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