Are you looking to find out if your home is suitable for an air source heat pump?

Heard about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and want to know if you can apply for funding?

Need to know the specific technical implications of switching from fossil fuel to air source heating for your home?


We can help! We offer independent, best practice and industry-leading advice based on detailed technical surveys. Not on numbers, sales targets or profit margins. We love designing the best performing new heating and hot water systems for air source heat pumps. So let us come and measure up soon; you’ll be relieved to know just how feasible this technology could be in saving you money and to help save our precious environment.

Green Genie Energy is your choice in the world of green energy solutions. Contact us now!

Green Genie Energy has over 9 years’ experience in providing independent energy surveys and heat loss calculation assessments.

Working within the growing UK renewable energy industry, helping homeowners and companies to configure the best possible solution for providing low carbon heating and hot water to their properties.

Renewable energy companies and individuals employ our services to assess properties for the potential of installing low carbon renewable energy technologies. Green Genie Energy focuses on the assessment of homes and businesses for bespoke air to water, air to air and ground source heat pumps installations to replace entirely fossil fuel systems.

All companies that install renewable energy heating systems are required to carry out a compliant room-by-room heat loss survey to determine which bespoke system is best suited for the property. By carrying out this detailed survey and heat loss calculations the heating and hot water demand figures for the building are determined and an appropriately sized heat pump, new hot water cylinder and emitters (where required) can be calculated. These findings can then be taken to any MCS-accredited installer where the report and recommendations can be used, mitigating the need for any re-assessment.

Qualified Independent Renewable Energy Surveys and EPC Domestic Energy Assessors

Domestic and Commercial
If you are thinking of investing in an air source heat pump you really are better off getting this right first time.
It’s important to ensure that the correct renewable heating system is designed for your home or business. A professional independent survey and heat loss calculations are important in order to establish which bespoke renewable heating solution is most appropriate in terms of efficiency and cost of running, for the property.
Once a professional survey has been completed the installation company can provide a bespoke itemised quotation, rather than estimating the cost of works, without knowing exactly what the extent of the project is. A survey from us mitigates this risk.
A properly, bespoke-designed solution will be sized correctly for the home, giving an excellent seasonal coefficient of performance (SCoP), resulting in less demand put on the heat pump and lower running costs. The design stage that we undertake aims to keep running costs as low as possible by designing systems which operate at the lowest temperature without causing negative implications on the size of radiators required in the home. ASHP units from different manufacturers including Samsung, Midea, Daikin, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Viessmann, Clausius and RED.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

At Green Genie Energy we also conduct an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessment for domestic dwellings at the same time as the ASHP survey. This is an important aspect of any installation as it informs the homeowner whether any pre-emptive work may be required in advance of the new, renewable heating source; government Schemes such as the legacy Renewable Heat Incentive (RHi) and incoming Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) have some pre-requisites which the EPC will highlight such as cavity wall and loft insulation standards.

Once the independent survey has been completed the bespoke heat loss calculations provide the information to determine is the best bespoke solution.
Green Genie Energy work within the government guidelines and regulations at all times during the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 and strives to keep both customers and staff safe at all times.
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Sophisticated room-by-room system design

Using sophisticated system design and modelling software from leading ASHP manufacturers we design the perfect project for your home. Giving you the optimum efficiency system without any cut corners. The approved software we use helps to deliver the elements required for MIS3005, a vital part of delivering quality installations under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Technical assessment

Underpinning any successful heat pump installation are room-by-room heat loss calculations for the dwelling in question. All materials of construction throughout the property are assessed and analysed for their thermal efficiency. Heat loss calculations are carried out on a room-by-room and full property basis. This enables total heat demand to be established for the sizing of a suitable ASHP unit, as well as individual rooms for the sizing of appropriate radiators or underfloor heating coils for each room.
Without having a complete survey undertaken by an experienced professional survey you do run the risk of the renewable heat installation being incorrectly sized and installed, leading to higher bills than possible for inadequate heating. This will never be the case with any recommendations from Green Genie Energy.
It is worthwhile investing in a professional survey and EPC before proceeding with a heat pump installation. Book a survey with Green Genie Energy for peace of mind that you know the extent and benefits of a low carbon, non-fossil fuel heating and hot water system for your home.
Green Genie Energy work in partnership with experienced installation companies across the south of the UK. Green Genie Energy only works with quality businesses that welcome the services that are provided. Green Genie Energy partners with companies working together for the best possible solution for our customers. We would love to have your project to get our teeth into; no home too big or small, old or new should be overlooked for experiencing the all-round benefits of renewable heating and hot water provision. Get off fossil fuels now, limit your exposure to the horrific price hikes in the gas, oil and LPG and gain some energy independence; for an extremely reasonable fee we can give you clarity on just how bright and lower cost your energy future could, and should be.


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